Important : In order to use the MYCAR™ App, it will require a connection to the internet via cellular or WiFi.

Control display details

Idle State
There are no recent or pending commands.
Action pressed
Action is pressed
A command has been pressed. If the icon remains blue, please verify your internet connection when using the application. If so and the problem persists, please deactivate and reactivate your internet connection to re-establish the network connectivity.
Action confirmed
Action completed
A command was sent to the remote car starter and the function was successfully completed. Processing delays may vary depending on vehicle model and installation method.
Troubleshooting : If the command was confirmed but was not executed, please try again. If the problem persists, please contact your retailer or click here for help.
Action trouble
Action trouble*
The engine failed to remote start. A Trouble code will be displayed when details are available.
Engine status
Engine status*
The engine has been remote started and the remaining runtime is displayed.
Battery Level
These displays the vehicle battery voltage. This voltage display may vary based on the current vehicle status. If engine is running or battery is getting low will change the display indicator value. It is possible that a certain delay is required for the battery voltage to refresh.
Device Signal
This displays the MYCAR™ device signal strenght when communicating with our servers.
There are 4 auxiliaries that could have been pre-configured by your installer. To modify a pre-configured auxiliary function: Access the Settings Section (GEAR). Tap an empty slot or an existing Auxiliary and associate one of the following item from the list (Trunk, Panic, Right Sliding Door, Left Sliding Door, Defrost, etc...) and tap "done".
This will allow to edit the vehicle image, vehicle name, Auxiliaries and more.
Temperature Display
This will display the current temperature at your vehicle's location. This feature is using the current vehicle GPS position to get the current temperature at the vehicle's location. This will not represent temperature inside the vehicle nor the temperature when the vehicle is indoors.
* Depends on vehicle and installation method. In order to receive the vehicle statuses you must be located within the network coverage area and your smartphone must be connected to the internet via cellular or wifi.

The MYCAR™ device operates on the CDMA, 3G or 4G LTE cellular network which currently covers most of the North America and continues to quickly expand. Please consult our coverage map for more the most up-to-date information.

The MYCAR™ device must be installed by a certified professional. Visit our support page for more details.

PIN feature (parental control)

For security reasons, it is HIGHLY recommended you configure a 4-digit PIN to prevent unauthorized access to the MYCAR™ application.

Multiple vehicles and users

You can allow up to 3 additional users to control your vehicle and you may have unlimited quantities of vehicles in a single application.

Authorizing Additional Users

You can allow up to 3 additional users to control the vehicle from the application. To add new users simply follow the steps below.

    1. The owner of the vehicle must generate an email to any additional users by using the Grant Access in the Authorized user list section

    2. The additional user will receive an email asking him to download the My Cars app or launch the MYCAR™ App if previously installed. The vehicle will be added automatically in the My Cars section

    3. The Owner or any additional users can revoke the access to the vehicle at any time by revoking the access in the Authorized user list section

Transfer of Ownership

Follow the steps below to remove and transfer a vehicle from the original owner to a new owner and deactivate all additional registered users:

    1. Current owner must generate an email to the new owner by using the Transfer to new owner section

    2. The new owner will receive an email asking him to download the MYCAR™ app or launch the App if previously installed. The vehicle will be added automatically in the My Cars section

    3. The ownership transfer will be effective immediately once the vehicle is displayed in the My Cars section

Remove A Vehicle (owner)

It is possible to remove a vehicle/device from an account. Although there are limitations and this is due to the service carrier membership associated to a device.

Please take note of these limitations: In order to remove a device and make it as "NEW" and be resellable, the removal request MUST be made prior to the 30th day starting from the original activation date. On the 31st day and above, the unit can be removed but cannot be resold as "NEW". To request a device/vehicle to be removed from an account, simply click on the Remove link inside the Settings section of the App.

Device Renewal

Renew a device service

From the Main menu of the app, tap on "My Account" and then "Expiration Dates". All device in your account will be displayed. To renew a device service plan, simply tap on "Renew" or "Renew Early" to renew that device service plan. This service plan is related to the Network Carrier that your device will use to communicate with our servers.

Please take note of these limitations: The purchase of a service plan can only be re-imbursed prior to the 30th day starting from the renewal date. On the 31st day and above, no refund can be carryed out.

Volume Adjustment

Changing the volume of the app is based on your smartphone notifications volume level. Therefore changing the volume of your smartphone using the side buttons will change the audio level of the App.

GPS Functions

The basic GPS function included with your MYCAR™ app is the "Instant Locate" function. To view or walk to the current vehicle position on your Apple Watch, follow the steps below.

    1. From the MYCAR™ control screen, tap the bottom arrow to slide the drawer menu up.

    2. Tap this icon Pin

    3. Upon entering the GPS map, the last known position will be displayed in the backgroung as the app seeks the latest available position of your vehicle.

    This icon Pin icon will display the vehicle position. This icon Pin icon will display your current position.

NOTE: The normal position refresh time is about every 2 minutes. Making a new inquiry within this 2 minute period will simply display the same position as the one previously displayed since the data has not been refreshed during that period. Once the 2 minutes are passed, making a new position inquiry will display the last known position in the background while the app seeks again for the latest available position of your vehicle.

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