Control any of your vehicles from your Apple watch.

Control your car

  • Remote start engine
  • Remote shutdown engine
  • Keyless entry access
  • Factory or Aftermarket Security system Arming/Disarming
  • GPS position*
  • Push notifications for security alerts
  • Current vehicle status
  • Remaining Runtime
  • Battery level

  • *Instant locate feature included with basic plan

Locate your Car

GPS Instant Locate your vehicle and get walking directions* from your current location to your vehicle. Zoom in and out of the map to get precise location details.

*WatchOS 6.1 and up is required to display User current location on map.

My Garage Access

All your vehicles are accessible thru the My Garage section.

Alarm Notification

Push notifications for security alerts

Download For iOS

Get the MyCar app and start controlling your car in your wrist today.